The Lust List || No. 1

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.38.41 PM

On Fridays we read thoughtful articles…or at least I try to. Here are a few of the articles I read this week that left me thinking, excited, or just really moved me. Happy Reading!

How to transform your mood, TRUST ME READ THIS ONE (TCM)

Real Food Heals! Making the case on using food as medicine (Saveur)

The burden of being sensitive…this is a thing (Goop)

Dallas Clayton came to DC and did something awesome…because of course (Sev Cities)

WeWork, Welive, WeSweat?!… (NYT Style Section)

What to buy your friend for her baby shower….lifesaver (Style MBA)

Obsessed with this gorgeously perfect dress (Christy Dawn)

The only mask review you need to read (Wit and Delight)

The photo credit for this post is Geronimo Balloons, it’s of a surprise installation they did for the HS Free Clinic. Their post touched my heart strings a little too hard.

Happy Fridays…and please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this roundup.



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