A Case of the Mondays Reading List || No.2

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I know I’ve been just posting links to articles I love lately….well not lately but pretty exclusively, but have no fear new content written by me is on it’s way….. and maybe a shiny new website. Wink Wink. Until then here are the links I love and a couple of products I can’t live without!

The Elusive Big “O” || Sexual and education is important, women’s sexual health and education is important. This read is pretty important and informative. (Free & Native)

Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook || Josh is the person behind my favorite skincare line, his tint moisturizer is my end all be all, and his Cacao Mask is heaven on my face. I’m so happy this spotlight on him was just done! (The Detox Market)

Fernie Wrap || I’m obsessed with a good sweater, and this sweater has good sweater written all over it. UGH, help me I’m poor. (Club Monaco)

Chinese Library holds 1.2 Million Books || BRB moving to Tianjin, China now has a library that is a sight to behold, it not only houses over a million books but curves all along the way. (My Modern Met)

Feeling like you’re getting sick? || Find out what this Functional Medicine MD does when he starts feeling sick (Mind Body Green)

Lord of the Rings on Amazon? || Amazon is going to be developing Lord of the Rings for a series and I’m officially dead with excitement. (BuzzFeed)

8 Ceramics to give your friends this year || Since my trip to Charleston I’ve been stocking up on ceramics, after visiting a studio and learning about different artist process and technique I just can’t help but love collecting these often times one of kind pieces. (Healthyish)

Skyn Iceland || I’ve been using these firming eye gels at least once a week and you know what?! They are the bomb dot com. They make my eyes look so refreshed and ready for whatever is coming my way in just ten mins….I can’t live without them. (Birchbox)

Tips for Setting up a Thanksgiving Table || I’m all about a good entertainment table, and this article is just what most of us need. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Happy Reading!


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A Case of the Tuesdays Reading Guide

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Tuesday is the most Monday day of the week. I mean Monday is bustling with hope but Tuesday is just kind of meh. Here are a couple of reads that got me thinking and a little motivated, I hope they can do the same for you today!

3 Tools for Finding Love || This Goop article is sooo good! It dives deep and gives you tips on not only opening yourself up for love, but also letting go of the things that hold us back from really letting ourselves be loved. (GOOP)

What Happened to Jim Carrey || A fascinating look into Jim Carrey’s world as an artist by W Mag, truly moving. You can almost feel his “healing” through his work, especially his painting of Jesus. (W)

On Body Neutrality|| This insightful and thoughtfully woven together piece by my friend Almila was not only beautiful but necessary. Take your time with this one, let it sink in, learn from it. (The Thirlby)

Edna Lewis, the Dame of Southern Cooking || I’ve never heard of the name Edna Lewis before I read this article. This fellow Virginian never reached the acclaim her fellow contemporaries did but she should have. (Kinfolk)

Before and After, from utility room to dream bathroom || What I wouldn’t give to live have this bathroom, I’m currently sharing worlds tiniest bathroom//with less than ideal water pressure. (Design Sponge)

Sneak attack || Currently living in these Vince sneakers, and they are everything. (Saks)

Happy Reading!


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Falling for these links

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Fall in Virginia is my favorite. The weather, the views, all of the colors. As you cozy yourself for a sleepy October Monday evening here are some reads I’m loving today.

Lagom is the Hygge? I might be into this actually (Well and Good)

How to style your fire place for fall (Coco Kelley)

The coziest fall top (Back Country)

Surprising misconceptions about happiness (My Domaine)

Paleo Pumpkin Pie….um yasss please (Healthy in Real Life)

The house that Pinterest Built, so F*ing amazing (Honestly WTF)

Are you following me on pinterest? (Me)

3 things every girl boss has in common (Camille Styles)

My current lady jam, so perfect (Youtube)

Happy Mondays!



The Lust List || No. 1

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On Fridays we read thoughtful articles…or at least I try to. Here are a few of the articles I read this week that left me thinking, excited, or just really moved me. Happy Reading!

How to transform your mood, TRUST ME READ THIS ONE (TCM)

Real Food Heals! Making the case on using food as medicine (Saveur)

The burden of being sensitive…this is a thing (Goop)

Dallas Clayton came to DC and did something awesome…because of course (Sev Cities)

WeWork, Welive, WeSweat?!… (NYT Style Section)

What to buy your friend for her baby shower….lifesaver (Style MBA)

Obsessed with this gorgeously perfect dress (Christy Dawn)

The only mask review you need to read (Wit and Delight)

The photo credit for this post is Geronimo Balloons, it’s of a surprise installation they did for the HS Free Clinic. Their post touched my heart strings a little too hard.

Happy Fridays…and please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this roundup.



Five Things I Read Today

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OK….These are articles I read Tuesday but loved so much I wanted to share!

An “easy” guide to fermentation (goop)

I’m all about fermented foods, they’re great for your gut health and are just plain delicious.  I’m especially hooked on Number1 Sons

Everything you need to know about the brandless brand (Twitter)

Ok, this is more like something you need to watch.

How to make a small bedroom feel cozy (Lonny)

I think my favorite is absolutely ‘Throwing Shade’

Pine For Pantry, Morgan Hungerford West (Pineapple DC)

I adore Morgan and everything she’s done for the DC Creative community, so excited to see her pantry featured on Pineapple DC.

Women on the myth’s of the Female Entrepreneur (Man Repeller)

“After all, women are just people. Their wins are human wins as much as female ones.”

Happy Reading!


Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

Toasty Tuesday

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Toast is having a moment, we’re all loving it with heart eyes. I know that I have been been on a real toast kick lately. Toast is so simple yet so satisfying. It’s also really easy to make toast look amazing….It’s this whole eating pretty makes your pretty happy mentality, well at least in my book.  With toast you Snap it and share it or simply enjoy it.

I’m currently addicted to sourdough breads, and really enjoy spreading avocado on it. However I went out on a limb and used a delicious hand spun marscarpone. I then topped it with Sun Gold tomatoes, large cayenne pepper flakes and mint. Although I try to limit my dairy intake, this cheese was a dream and not too hard on the body. I ended up topping the toast with beauty enhancing mint. Mint aids in both soothing indigestion and taming inflammation. Also it adds a very crisp taste to any dish.


  • Slice of toast, your choice but I tend to stick to a healthier option
  • 1 tbsp your choice cheese spread, although Coyo coconut yogurt is a great alternative
  • 1 tsp cayenne flakes, if you live near a farm stand they usually have a fantastic selection of large flake cayenne mixes
  • 2 Sun Gold Tomatoes; a part of the heirloom family these little guys are simply the sweetest and most delicious. I can eat a whole bag by self.

Happy eating!



Into the Weekend…

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Hey guys! It’s been quite the busy week and I didn’t really get a chance to read as much of the internet as I usually do. However what I did read was good, enjoy!

Who will die on GOT??? My money’s on…. (UpRoxx)

How do you stay happy? (That Kind of Woman)

I want to be on an Ikea Makeover show! (Lonny)

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for healthy eating (The Everygirl)

Didn’t know I needed this guide to Rihanna’s hair history, but I did (The Cut)

Is it too late in the summer to want this? (Shopbop)

The coffee table books to add to your table now (My Domaine)

When it comes to this years it shoe…these bad boys are it (Madewell)

Happy Friday!


Into the Weekend

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It’s been a loooooonnnnnggg week, for everyone. This world right now is filled with so many emotions and a lot of just bleh. It has been pretty nice escaping into a lot of written word and new finds. Here is a quick recap of everything I’ve loved this week.

Rest and Resist, a thoughtfully put together post about what you can do (Thirlby)

What its like to be separated by a border (Highline)

Left behind, losing a sibling (The Caro Love)

Surviving on 4 hours of sleep or less….for all new moms (Wit and Delight)

The style in the Parent Trap had me LMAO (Man Repeller)

Currently living in these bad boys (Nordstroms)

How to defend yourself against bad vibes (Camille Styles)

Have Happy Wonderful Weekends,




A quick run down on Facial Oil

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When I was first introduced to face oil my initial reaction was “eww, won’t that make my face all greasy?” Little did I know it then but face oil was going to become my daily MUST.  I can be in the biggest hurry to get out the door but putting oil on my face is a crucial step to getting my day off to the right start. As I’ve wandered my way through to a more holistic approach to skincare I’ve become very conscious of the kinds of products I put on my face so when researching the perfect skin moisturizer I was skeptical at first about oil…especially since no one at beauty counters had ever recommended it.

What are Face Oils?

Face oils, at least the ones you should be using, are oils that are derived from plants like rosehip, coconut, avocado.

What are benefits of using Face Oils?

Besides feeling amazing on your skin facial oils have been used for centuries for their ability to not only moisturize your skin but to help smooth wrinkles, sooth irritation and prevent aging. Facial oil when applied takes less time to sink into your skin than “traditional” cream based moisturizers, and a few drops will go a very long way.

Face oil is also a great a primer for makeup, it helps my tinted moisturizer go on smoothly, and when I wear more of a foundation or powder it helps to keep it on.  Pro tip, when you find that your make up is looking a little dull tapping a little bit of oil on will help to revive your look.

My Favorite Face Oils

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.22.23 PM

Aesop :: Damascan Rose Facial Treatment (Barneys) This oil treatment is heaven. It smells rosy and glides on your skin perfectly. It says to use at least once a week, but I use it a little more frequently, sometimes almost the entire week.

Balm & Co :: Glow Serum (Shop Balm and Co) This face oil was the first one I ever tried and it was perfection. I love the mother daughter story behind this brand too!

May Lindstrom :: The Youth Dew (Need Supply Co and at Take Care Shop) I can’t even with this one, it’s amazing, probably my favorite.  With that said, it’s the most expensive out there and is probably a treat to those buying it. The mixture has 20 plant and botanical oils in it. It is meant to clear and prevent breakouts and is just over all heaven! Again a few drops go a long way with this one.

Like I said, I’m pretty particular to which oils I put on my face.  I try to stick to higher quality products, because the ingredients tend to be higher quality and better for your complexion!

Have you tried face oil yet?